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The mission of Inspectorate is to take an effective part on ensuring the uniform and correct measurements within the Slovak Republic. The activities of Inspectorate ensure, in particular, the protection of the public interest, protection of true interests of people, and last but not least, the protection of those entrepreneurial bodies that perform their activities actually with full liability.
The state metrological surveillance is the most important activity of Inspectorate, i.e. the control of fulfilment of the provisions of Act No. 157/2018. Coll. on metrology as later amended and supplemented (hereinafter referred to as “Law on metrology”).
Inspectorate shall survey how the state administrative bodies, manufacturers, importers and users of the legally controlled measuring instruments, service organizations, packers and importers of pre-packages observe their obligations, in order to satisfy the aims of the above mentioned Law.
Inspectorate, as the state administrative body responsible for the metrological supervision is entrusted also with the role of a surveillance body in the field of market surveillance on the measuring instruments put on the market in accordance with Act No. 264/1999 Coll. on technical requirements on products and on conformity assessment as later amended and supplemented by some acts (hereinafter referred to as “Law on conformity”).
In addition to the surveillance activities, the administrative actions are another important constituent of the Inspectorate’s performance. Inspectorate, as the administrative body shall act in compliance with Administrative rules. It is obliged to protect the state and society interest, rights and interests both of physical and legal persons and to call firmly for fulfilling their obligations.
No less important is the proceeding of claims and suggestions from the part of people, as well as solution of cases submitted by other state administrative bodies responsible for the field of metrology.
The activities of Inspectorate, i.e. the surveillance activities together with the claims and complaints solutions contribute, in a considerable manner, to the consumer’s protection not only from the point of view of price determination in case of direct sale (e.g. mass of goods weighted in markets or volume of beverages serviced in restaurants), in business relations (quantity of cold and hot water, heat energy, electric energy, and gas used, volume of fuels tanked, and a number of other measurements), but also from the health protection point of view (blood pressure measurement, ear examination, medicaments preparation in chemist’s shops). The surveillance activities contribute also to the environment protection (measurements related with control of sewage amounts), health and safety protection at work (tachometers in lorries and buses).